Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Page Not in Paris

I'm brushing the dust off my keyboard as I've had a lovely, extended holiday break back in sunny LA and I'm gearing up for my return to Paris next week by spending extra time in a tepid shower to prepare for the cold, damp winter ahead.  LA has spoiled me rotten with sunshine and 70 degree days, not to mention a plethora of authentic Mexican foods and dirty martinis.  Before I get into my thoughts on being back in LA and returning to Paris, here are a few highlights from the break.

I got lots of family time over the holidays with fun meals and merriment with the extended family. I was treated to some special French delicacies, lovely Champagne and wine, and it was said that we ate $1,000 of caviar Christmas Eve, which seems a bit obscene, but let me tell you it was worth every penny - every penny that did not come out of my pocket.  This was also the Christmas Eve where whisky was introduced after dinner and it went over almost as well as the caviar with people duming it into their desserts and down their throats.  If this was all a ploy to get me back for the holidays again next year, it worked. 
Post whisky and a trial with my new camera's self timer

The annual Page family volleyball tournament happened with only a few minor injuries, but a grand reveal that my dad now cooks, and I don't just mean over microwaved hot dogs.  He treated us to ceviche and bruschetta - both big hits, and now there's no more hiding for him during meal time.

Family fun time reached a fever pitch as most of participated in Rose Bowl parade activities since we had a connection to one of the floats and 2 family members got to ride and give their best princess waves.  We got to see the painstaking way the floats are built.

The night before the parade, we all crashed my cousin's house and enjoyed the "taco man," who I might kidnap and take with me back to Paris.  I'm pretty sure I can get his cart in my suitcase.

We were up in the dark the next day, but got great seats to enjoy the parade and give our best waves back to our float family.  Was a fun experience, and one that I won't need to repeat anytime, no, make that ever, again.

My dad and I also took in some theatre and saw the booty shaking Fela at the Ahmanson, which made me rethink those front row seats during audience participation time.  Oh yes they did, and no, it was not an option to sit out the dance moves.  Was actually a really fun show.

We also saw Our Town starring Helen Hunt, which is not an edge of your seat type play, but my booty needed a rest and it was fun to be in kicking distance of Helen.

Of course I had to go to the movies, for the popcorn alone.  Compare and contrast the concession stand in Paris vs LA.  I left with a big, greasy smile on my face.
Paris' tiny popcorn "stand"

LA's multi lane, digital LCD menu boards

We even have a topping bar in LA
I managed to even do a little work while I've been home.  I wrote my first article for HiPParis on finding my first apartment in Paris, and there's talking of me doing a series of articles for them.  Girls' Guide to Paris published two of my articles on shopping in Paris here and here.  I also was on the Overseas Radio Network with the Girls' Guide's new weekly radio show talking about some of my favorite restaurants of last year.  When I get back to Paris, I'll begin writing the restaurant reviews for them too, so lots of good stuff in the works.

I know you're probably wondering where the talk of food is in this post, and of course I didn't forget, or go on a detox cleanse here anything.  I just thought it deserved its own post, so more to come as I start getting back into the groove!

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