Sunday, February 19, 2012

3 Germans Walk Into a Parisian - Japanese Karaoke Bar….

It sounds like the opening to a good joke, but instead, it was the open to my Friday night.  Between Lisette, Melissa and I, we had meet these 3 German guys and learned that they are fans of karaoke in Paris, and invited us to join them this week-end.  First, we had to “get warmed up” over Italian food and beverages naturally, to make sure we were representing as many countries as possible during the evening.  The animated Italian restaurant owner was speaking and playing a mix of English, Spanish, French, and Italian music that had us all singing Volare by dessert.  It was then we knew we were ready for micropohones.


We headed to La Noche, and downstairs to a cave-like basement with multi-color flashing lights and an empty floor, ready for us to rock.   


The Germans covered a gamut of tunes in a variety of languages, and Lisette and I stayed with crowd favorites like Brown Eyed Girl, The Gambler, and Sweet Caroline, songa that transcends country and culture.  It was a unique and entertaining experience, and hopefully everyone’s ears have now recovered from our singing.


Prior to karaoke night, I had a fabulous, fine dining experience at the Michelin two star restaurant, Passage 53.  New friend Shauna has started a fun new social and dining group called The Inimitable Liver’s Society, similar to Anthony and Cleopatra's group of the same name, which translates to 'Those Who Live Beyond Compare.’  The meal we had at Passage 53 was definitely beyond compare.





We dined at lunch for a more affordable indulgence in their tasting menu, but then splurged on a truffle course since it was the end of the season and we needed to bid a proper farewell to this fabulous forest creature.  I’ll let the pictures do the talking, but suffice it to say it was a decadent, sublime meal with astute service and enjoyable company.  I’m already looking forward to the next Inimitable outing.

Saturday, I caught up with my friend Doni who just got to Paris for a 2 week stay.  I met her in Montmartre and we tried a fun, fully French bistro, Le Miroir.   


My appetizer was a combination of ingredients I’d never seen on the same plate in Paris, or anywhere else in the world.  The sashimi like light trout melted in my mouth, but it laid on top of a soy marinated broccoli salad.  The salad was delicious on its own, but too powerful to eat with the fish together.  Doni had a wonderful foie gras with sweet onion compote, followed by veal, which I didn’t think was as good as my wonderful cod.   



My quenelle chocolate was rich and fun, as what I thought was simple sea salt on top, was really a type of pop rock that sizzled in your mouth.  The 3 course menu was a very reasonably priced 33 euro.  Great value for the money.

Sunday, I got myself back to a French conversation class.  This is the café conversation group I did last year where you sit and speak in French about whatever you like with a few folks for 2 hours.  There’s a moderator who serves as a guide to help with vocabulary and grammar.  I was glad I went if for no other reason than to learn the proper use of when to use the words, "your first time."  I will not be using this phrase as regularly as I have been due to my renewed understanding of the intimate nature of the phrase.

On my way back from class I heard some music in the distance, off of the monster square, Republique.  Naturally I had to investigate and I was fabulously surprised at a large, musical, drum beating parade going for miles and miles.  Evidently it was a Carnival de Paris - a local Mardi Gras type celebration filled with people in costume playing music.

I capped the week-end by checking out a North African restaurant in the upper Marais with Lisette and Stephanie called Chez Omar.  I loved the family style serving of couscous and the large vat of steaming hot vegetables which accompanied our various meats that were all perfectly cooked.  

We were going to pass on dessert until we saw this interesting display go by, so then we had to partake.

As we weren't ready to say goodbye to the week-end yet, we had a nightcap at one of our favorite Mexican spots, Candelaria, that has a fun cocktail lounge just past the grill, and behind an unmarked door.  The young Parisians were all out, quenching their Mexican and cocktail cravings.  We joined them and then called it a night and the end to another fun week in Paris. 

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