Thursday, March 29, 2012

Morocco - Essaouira

After the hussle of Marrakech, we drove 3 hours to the Atlantic coast of Morocco to the sleepier Portugese port of old Mogador, now called Essaouira.  

It was Marrakech Light with it’s much smaller grouping of vendors selling the typical goods, but without as much barking, though there’s still the bartering, which I like to think I did a decent job on to take home some new lovely accessories.

We received a beautiful presentation of Berber and Moroccan carpets from some friends of Peggy’s. 

In case you ever thought that a carpet is so beautiful that you’d want to wear it, well, here you can.  It’s the first carpet cape I’d ever seen.


There’s an old fort in Essaouira with a lookout featuring panoramic ocean views, as well as still standing canons at the ready.


For lunch, we were treated to super fresh fish in the port.   


The day’s lot is presented and you point and pick your preference and they grill it right up on the spot for you.  Simple, fresh, fantastic.


In a happy, calm, coastal state of mind, we then drove to Sidi Kaouki for an overnight stay in a tiny village with no electricity in our Inn.  It actually really made sense not to have electricity as it made you tune in to the ocean and the amazing stars that covered the sky.


I took full advantage of an empty, pristine beach in the morning by taking a long run where I was the only one for miles, until of course I ran into a few dozen sheep, goats, camels on their way to work.

We ate amazing food, cooked, sang, danced, rode Camels, but more on all of that later. 

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